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Detox Dual System Ion Cleanse with Far Infrared Waistbelt

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Detox body efficiently ionizes water through UV rays and electromagnetic fields, eliminating body toxins. Details below:

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Dual System & Screen Ion Cleanse with Far Infrared Waistbelt


Commodity:               Dual ion cleanse with  & far infrared waistbelt         

Voltage:                     110-240V                           

Fuse:                        1A

Power:                      100W

Protection rank:        IP51

Working pattern:       Continuous working

Output:                     Voltage 0-16V; Current 0-2.5A

Operating condition:59℉-86℉

Storage Condition:   77℉- 185℉                    

Introduction to the Ion Cleanse Detox Machine


      Think back to the way your body felt when last you walked along the beach and felt the energy of the waves breaking near you.  You were able to breathe deeper, your brain cleared, your body felt in tune with the earth, at peace and rejuvenated.  The ionization of trillions of water molecules crashing to the earth caused these positive reactions.

      The Ion Cleanse Detox Machine is a high-tech water detoxification system that facilitates the body’s ability to heal itself.  It is a pleasure to use because of its simplicity and relaxing affect.

      The Ion Cleanse Detox Machine is a water foot-bath that utilizes both brass and stainless steel electrodes, which clean, balance and enhances bio-energy, a vital force present in the body’s fluids.  This type of energy is an electro-magnetic force stored within the body and utilized by our cells. 

      For centuries, Chinese medicine has referred to this energy as "chi", a complex energy field permeating and realigning the body's energy field while improving oxygen levels.  While the Ion Cleanse Detox Machine is widely used to increase mental and physical energy, the Ion Cleanse Detox Machine revitalizes, increases stamina while voiding the body of chemicals, pollution, radiation, synthetics, toxins, and numerous amounts of foreign substance trapped in layers of the skin, which, in fact, either hinder or cause an inability to vacate the body.  The machine’s internal cleansing process includes parasite cleansing and liver detoxification that subsequently results in less fluid retention, reduction of inflammation, improved memory, improved bladder control, a more balanced pH, a stronger immune system and significant pain relief, inclusive of, but not limited to, arthritis, gout and headaches.Reflexology teaches us that each foot is actually an outlet through which the body attempts to cleanse or rid itself of heavy metal and toxic waste built up in numerous areas of the body.  While using the Ion Cleanse Detox Machine, you will actually see the cleansing process as the water interacts with a compound electric current along with a magnetic field structure.  Subsequently, this cleansing process attains the correct frequency required to restore cells to a healthy state, while releasing years of bonded waste.  It is important to realize that the Ion Cleanse Detox Machine enhances the effects of other therapies.
                   Ionization Theory

A. How does the Ion Cleanse Detox Machine Work? 

A water molecule is composed of two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom. When the molecule loses a hydrogen atom, the remaining OH molecule takes on a negative charge. As you walk along the beach, your body absorbs millions of these negatively charged ions, which alkalize the blood and tissue.  Because of poor diet and high stress, we tend to accumulate and store excessive quantities of waste products, such as diacetic, lactic, pyruvic, uric, carbonic, acetic, butyric, and hepatic acids.
According to Dr. Theodore Baroody, author of Alkalize or Die, “acid wastes attack joints, tissues, muscles, organs, and glands causing minor to major dysfunction”.  In addition Baroody maintains that, “avoiding disease and maintaining vitality, as we age, requires the maintenance of an alkaline environment throughout the body - which is virtually impossible to accomplish in our high-tech, high-stress, toxic society, unless we can walk on the beach everyday”. 
The Ion Cleanse Detox Machine generates, to precision, the effect of the walk along the beach, only more effectively, as the feet are placed in direct contact with ions manufactured in the foot bath.  Simply put your feet in the water, turn on the machine and within seconds millions of ions enter your body, immediately beginning the neutralization of tissue acid wastes.
     During, and after, a thirty minute session you will become aware of the constituent parts of fat, along with mucous residue that the body has eliminated.  You will, after the first session, feel lighter in your body, have more energy and maintain a greater sense of well-being.

B. Why do we need to detoxify?

An expect states that, in today's toxic environment, tissue acid wastes, chemical and heavy metal residues build up in the body faster than ever before, resulting in a greater incidence of allergies, mental, and physical incapacitation. We have begun to hear more about herbal and homeopathic detoxification programs by alternative health practitioners as a way of reducing symptomology and maintaining health”.
   This expect maintains, “all healing traditions - Egyptian, Native American, Ayurvedic, Homeopathic, Chinese, Shamanic - except Western Medicine offer body purification as a means of healing and avoiding disease.  Pimples, rashes, dark circles under the eyes, swollen joints, yellow, green and blotched complexions often indicate a buildup of tissue acid wastes inside the body”.  Modifying your diet along with the Ion Cleanse Detox Machinesessions will substantially reduce and even eliminate these conditions.
   More than ever, we are exposed to major amounts of toxicity, which is why detoxification is essential in avoiding disease and maintaining optimum health.  The Ion Cleanse Detox Machine, along with a healthy diet and low–stress will provide a thorough and proficient way to maintain long-term elevated levels of energy and wellness.  The Ion Cleanse Detox Machine aids in purifying the body more effectively due to its ability to reduce stress, subsequently causing relaxation.

Who benefits from the Ion Cleanse Detox Machine foot bath?

Generally, most people immediately experience an increased sense of well-being and heightened energy.  Numerous children have communicated an elevation of mental clarity resulting from using the foot bath; it’s beneficial for young couples planning families to do sessions prior to conception.  Women hoping to sustain healthy breasts throughout their life will benefit from the Ion Cleanse Detox Machine’s whole body purification.

Regional Toxicity

Metal, salt, and water combine, producing light water color change, including particles in the water without feet being submerged.  The Ion Cleanse Detox Machine defuses toxins in the water the same way it neutralizes them in the body.  The prevalent color of the de-ionized water is ascertained by the local water authorities’ use of chemicals combined with the pollutants indigenous to that area.
  For example, Denver, Colorado, the predominant water color is orange; in Phoenix, Arizona it is orange-brown; in parts of Texas it is brown; yellow-green in Boise, Idaho.
  Chinese acupuncturists recognize the idea of regional toxicity as it relates to human disorders prevalent in a given area.  Certain regions complain more of having joint issues, others areas maintain and report more frequently of kidney-bladder problems.  The Chinese ascertain that toxins particular to any given area gravitate toward a specific part of the body causing it to break down.
   Expect maintains that, “as a general rule, regional toxins contribute 20-40% of the residues found in the water after a foot bath”.  For example, the black flecks can be created by heavy metals in the bath water as well as deterioration of the metal in the array.  Experience and observation will help you determine what is coming from the body and what is coming from the array.

Why do we need to Detoxify?

The cells in our body are electric; therefore the human body is electric.  Bodily diseases and ailments have vibrating frequencies that are not compatible with the body’s healthy cells causing a disruption of the cells’ inherent polarity and oscillation.  When this occurs it creates a natural imbalance and upheaval within all affected cells.  Cells, when imbalanced, impede the body's functions that facilitate healing, including eliminating heavy metals, parasites and other toxins.  However, cells that are fully charged have more oxygen and have the capability to undergo electrical balance that results in elevated mental attitude, energy and vitality, well-being.  This balance elevates awareness along with our sense of the mind and body.  Studies have shown the Ion Cleanse Detox Machine improves oxygen levels.
   Ions are atoms or molecules that have lost or gained electrons, and free radicals are unpaired electrons.  If the atom or molecule loses electrons then they become positively charged ions, and if they gain electrons, they become negatively charges ions.  This ionic technique of cleansing with the foot bath provides a full body purge of all the body’s vital organs, which result in a reduction menopausal symptoms, menstrual cramps, vaginal dryness, candida or yeast related infections, sexual health issues, a variety of skin problems such as acne and wrinkles, sleep disorders including restlessness, stress, and toothaches.  The Ion Cleanse Detox Machine also results in more rapid disease healing and injury recovery.
    Science has determined water to have an almost perfect balance of positive and negative ions, and because the body is composed of about 70% water, the body’s ability to interact with water is eminent.  When you immerse a body mass into water, the vibrational frequency of the water affects the vibrational frequency of the body due to the interaction of the magnetic and electrical fields.  Consequently, the Ion Cleanse Detox Machine is one of the best types of detoxifiers.  It is an amazingly exceptional natural healing product.  The Ion Cleanse Detox Machine is painless, and has no harmful side-effects.

Skin and Beauty

Rashes, dark circles under the eyes, swollen joints, yellow-green and blotched complexions often indicate a buildup of tissue acid wastes inside the body.  After several sessions with the Ion Cleanse Detox Machine, in conjunction with modifications in diet, there will be substantial reduction or elimination of these skin issues.

The Ion Cleanse Detox Machine:

Enhances the Immune System

Improves Memory and Sleep

Improves Sexual Health

Provides Internal Cleansing with Full Body Purge

Provides Liver Detoxification

Provides Liver, Kidney and Parasitic Cleansing

Allows the Purging of Heavy Metals

Significantly Reduces Pain

Increases Energy and Reduces Stress

Contributes Significantly to Reduction of Wrinkles, Acne and other Skin Problems

Reduces water retention

CButton function of control panel

The Control Panel

  1. Start switch A_on/off key (control user system A).

2.  The switch for waistbelt of System A (with indication light) by pressing the “A BELT” button.

  1. Set working mode control for user system  A_MODE key(set 5 working modes or 3 grades)

4.  Set working time for System A by pressing the “A TIME” button.

5.  Set working time for System B by pressing the “B TIME” button.

6.  Set working mode for System B by pressing the “B MODE” button (5 working modes or 3 grades).

7.  The switch for waistbelt of System B (with indication light) by pressing the “B BELT” button.

8.  The switch to start or stop System B of detox by pressing the “ON/OFF” button.


A:  Power switch, used to turn on/off the machine.

B:  Fuse (there are two inside, one for spare use)

C:  Power adapter plug

D:  Voltage switch. (From 110-250V)

E: Array plug for System A

F: Wristband plug for System A

G: Waistbelt plug for System A

H: Waistbelt plug for System B

I : Wristband plug for System B

J: Array plug for System B

D.  Operation Instructions
   This product has two complete working systems, with two arrays connected to allowing up to two people using the machine simultaneously.

Button functions:

a)       LCD screen 10cm*6cm.      

b)      The default working time is 30 minutes,time can be ajust by  and  key Time shows on the LCD screenTIME:88.

c)       Negative and positive ions exchange show in the screen as POS:188%NEG:188%”.

d)      Before working of the device,there are totally 5 working modes, which regulate the different proportion between positive ion and negative ion ,to choose from “MODE”.You can set the modes through the button  ”  AND  ”.

e)       During workiing of the device,there are totally 3 grades of current intensity to choose From “A(B):”.You can set the grade through the button  AND   ”.

  1. mode 1(treatment): POS70%,NEG30%(Get rid of the acidity and heavy metal,and increase the PH value,It's a detoxification mode,suitable for most people for everyday use);
  2. mode 2(therapy): POS30%,NEG70%(Get rid of the acidity and heavy metal,and increase th PH value ,It's a therapy mode for mediine treatment ;a muscle test is requested before use,good and suitable for all users);
  3. mode 3(positive):POS100%,NEG0%(All positive electricity,decrease and even ridof the acidity,and increase the alkalescence,for clinic test usage);
  4. mode 4(negative):POS0%,NEG100%(All positive electricity,decrease the overfull alkalescence and balance the PH value,just only for clinic test usage);
  5. e mode 5(modeification): POS50%,NEG50%(It's a therapy mode for medicine treatment,get rid of the acidity and heavy metal,and keep the PH value,Good and suitable for those users in bad health).
  6. The  preparation steps
  7. Open the box, take out of the main machine and array, and place on table or solid foundation.  Do not place on carpet.
  8. Connect power adapter to back of machine, and then to the wall power or power adapter.
  9. Fill up a plastic tub with tap water (Big enough to place both feet inside), enough to cover 3-4 inches above your ankles.  Place tub on floor by your chair.
  10. Connect the array to the rear of the machine into the right plug and place array into the water.
  11. Connect the waistband to the right plug on the rear of the machine and then place it around your waist/lower back, comfortably tight. 
  12. Connect the Anti-Static wristband to the right plug on the rear of the machine and place on wrist. (We recommend placing onto the wrist closest to machine).  Make sure the metal element touches your skin.  Please note:  the machine can be used for one or two people simultaneously.  If only using for one person, only plug in one array, one waistband and one wristband.
  13. Switch on the power at the rear of machine.  Do not press “ON” power on the front of the machine.  Only switch the “ON” button on the rear of machine.
  14. Set the working mode through pressing “” or “”; (Mode 1 for detoxifying).
  15. Set the waistbelt mode through “” or “”.

10  Set the working time on “” or “”.  One session is 30 minutes.  You may do up to two sessions at one time if you like, which totals 60 minutes in 1 day.

  1. Now that the machine is set-up and connected to everything, you may bathe your feet in water.  Water should be 3-4 inches above ankle.  Make sure:  Array is in water and connected to the rear of machine; make sure the antistatic wristband is on your wrist (metal touching skin) and connected to the rear of machine.  Make sure time has been set, and that waistband is on you and connected to the machine and set to either (Mode 1, 2, 3).  And lastly, make sure the working Mode is set to Mode 1 for normal Detoxification.  Once you have completed these steps, you are ready.
  2. Press “” to begin the therapy.


F. Packing List:


Item Name

Main machine




Data line



User manual


1 pc

2 pcs


2 pcs


2 pcs

2 pcs

1 pc

Attention: If missing any parts, please contact your store or dealer who sold you this product.




1. Do not touch power if your hands are wet, please pay attention to your safety.
2. Avoid striking the machine.
3. Use a clean cloth to polish and dust the machine's surface, do not use any chemicals.
4. Be gentle when pressing the keys to protect the machine under normal use.
5. You must prop up the machine with the handle before using.


Persons with a Pacemaker or any other battery-operated, electrical device
Organ transplant recipients
Suffer from epileptic seizures
Pregnant women and breast-feeding mothers
Do not soak the ‘open wounds’
Hypoglycemic person should take food before using
This device is not recommended for children under 8 years


      Operating Tips

  1. Use ordinary tap water.  Do not use distilled water, all water quality is different.  The quality of the tap water in your area will determine the ion effects and will have an impact on the function of the detoxification. If the ampere readout is 1.5 amperes or below, add a little salt to promote the ion detoxification system to conduct electricity.  (Start with a Pinch of salt). If after 1 minute the ampere readout is still under 1.5 amperes you may add another pinch of salt and wait another minute.  Ideally you would want the Amperes to be between 1.8 – 2.3 amperes.  Warning: If you add too much salt to the water the current will exceed 2.7A, and the machine will alarm you and stop working automatically.  Adding salt will promote the ion detoxification system to conduct electricity.  But, for maintaining the machine life, please avoid adding too much salt because you do not want to keep reaching 2.7 amperes.
  2. Adults need 30 minutes per session.
  3. 8-15 year old children must use with adult supervision for no more than 15 minutes.
  4. If you are under 50 years, it will be ok to use it every other day for 14 continuous (30 minute) treatments, then stop for three weeks before starting the 14 treatments.  Do not use more than three days in a row.  Do not use more than twice per day.  If you are going for a 60 min session per day, then you can do a 60 minute treatment which equals 2 sessions, every other day, for 7 continuous treatments, and then stop for three weeks before starting the next 7 treatments.
  5. If you are over 50 years old, it will be ok to use it every three days for 14 continuous (30 minute) treatments, then stop for three weeks before starting the 14 treatments. Do not use more than three days in a row.  Do not use more than twice per day.  If you are going for a 60 min session per day, then you can do a 60 minute treatment which equals 2 sessions, every three days, for 7 continuous treatments, and then stop for three weeks before starting the next 7 treatments.
  6. The array needs to be cleaned after every use by soaking it in a combination of 30 parts water and 1 part of phosphoric acid or household bleach. If you decide to only clean with water, scrub it well under running water.  Soak at least 5 minutes. The lifetime of the Array is between 30-40 sessions then you will need to replace it with a new one.


I. Great benefits you can get from the machine


This process has been known to:

  1. Assist in restoring body vitality against environmental toxins by eliminating chemicals taken in drug form, environment pollution, and foods (particularly processed foods and meats).
  2. Remove toxins and body waste products that may cause health problems.
  3. Help inactivate Viruses, Bacteria, Yeast, and Fungus.
  4. Induce a positive effect on weight loss(Assists in weight loss).
  5. Headache Relief –Assist in clearing up headache problems.
  6. Slow down aging and improve body flexibility.
  7. Rejuvenate and energize your whole body.
  8. Enhance nutrient absorption.
  9. Heavy metals removal.
  10. Increase your energy.
  11. Help with faster recovery time for disease and injury.
  12. Increase oxygen in your body.
  13. Help relieve pain and tension.
  14. Improve sleep.
  15. Reduces inflammation and unwanted fluid retention
  16. Immune system booster (Helps balance immune system).
  17. Help with Edema.



J   Troubleshooting:


                        Problem                                                     Solution




LCD screen does not illuminate

Check the power cord, check for blown fuse

The array does not work

Replace the array after checking the connection.

Pressing any key does not produce a response.

Turn off power switch for 10 seconds, and then restart.


In the following cases, the machine will make sounds or an error character will show on the screen:

a)    The array is not in the water or the array is broken.

b)    The wristband is not wrapped in the proper way or the wristband is broken.

c)    The current power is more than 2.6 amps.



The Far Infrared Ray Bamboo Charcoal
Waistband Instructions

The latest studies have shown bamboo charcoal made from 5 year old bamboo obtained in remote mountains, refined through high temperature have a great absorption effect in purifying the air, water, and in adjusting humidity.  The bamboo charcoal also emits far infrared ray, negative ions, and absorbs electromagnetic waves.  The waistband made of bamboo charcoal can warm your body, relieve muscle aches, increase the cell’s activities, and accelerate the blood circulation.

Far infrared ray used with the bamboo charcoal waistband can help with:

  1. Decreasing joint stiffness.
  2. Relieving muscle spasms.
  3. Increasing blood flow.
  4. Leading to pain relief.
  5. Promoting healing affects of soft tissue injury.
  6. Increasing the extensibility of collagen tissue.
  7. Assisting in resolution of inflammatory infiltrated, edema, and exudes.


At any time, you can use the bamboo charcoal, far infrared waistband. Connect the waistband to the machine, put the waistband tightly around your belly, turn on the infrared power switch, choose mode L (low), M (Medium), or H (high) or (Mode 1, 2, 3) to start far infrared massage.  It works to enhance health by:

l  Improving micro-circulation by exerting strong rotational and vibration effects in the molecular level, which are biologically beneficial.

l  Increasing the delivery of oxygen and nutrients in the blood cell to the body’s soft tissue areas.

l  Enhancing white blood cell function, thereby increasing immune response and the elimination of foreign pathogens and cellular waste products.

l  Removing accumulated toxins by improving lymph circulation which is often at the core of many health problems.  The build up of toxins in a health body could block the normal blood circulation and impair the cellular energy. Then FIR (far infrared therapy) waves are applied, the water molecules that encapsulate the toxins get heated, and start to vibrate.  This vibration reduces the ion bonds of the atoms that are holding together the molecules of water.  As the break down of the water molecules occurs, encapsulated gases and other toxic materials are released and the body rejuvenates.

l  Promoting regeneration and fast healing.

l  Increasing metabolism between blood and tissue.

l  Stimulating the hypothalamus, which controls the production of neurochemicals involved in such biological processes as sleep, mood, pain sensations, and blood pressure.

Far infrared therapy has also been shown to aid the process of weight loss, promote the growth of new hair, and improve the immune system and overall health.

Far infrared therapy follows the holistic healing principle:  It does not only simply come along naturally.

K   Who Will Benefit the Most?

  1. Persons using quantities of tobacco or alcohol should use the machine.
  2. Persons with low immunity should use the machine.
  3. Persons who have high-stress should use the machine.
  4. Persons who use excessive oils for cooking should use the machine.
  5. Persons with diabetes, hypertension, high blood sugar, rheumatism, arthritis, or edema is should use the machine.
  6. People who want to live a healthy lifestyle should use this machine.


  1. Precautions
  1. People who have battery operated implants (e.g., pace markers) should never use.
  2. Anyone who has received an organ transplant should never use.
  3. Pregnant women or nursing woman should never use.
  4. Children less than 8 years old should never use.
  5. People who have low blood sugar should eat before use.


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Detox Dual System Ion Cleanse with Far Infrared Waistbelt

Detox Dual System Ion Cleanse with Far Infrared Waistbelt

Detox body efficiently ionizes water through UV rays and electromagnetic fields, eliminating body toxins. Details below:

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