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Health Care Agate Massage Slippers


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Treat your affections stand in your home or office by hanging stones Reflexology and reflexotherapy slippers. Details below:

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Health Care Agate Massage Slippers 
nice workmanship 
natural material 
Modern household design 

Health Care Agate Massage Slippers


King Series




Product style: 7-color Agate Massage Slippers


Size: 37, 39 for women, 41,43 for men


Color: Khaki, dark brown


Method of use: 10-15 min/time, 2-3 times/day. Use together with Virgin series is suggested.




Production introduction:




Agate is a kind of cool stone which makes you feel cool when stepping on it and feel painful due to various shapes. Moreover, its appearance is colorful and beautiful. In another words, agate massage slippers are ‘barbed rose’ which make you love to hate.


Excellent material chosen from nature

Fully enjoy the close touch with nature

Excellent elasticity and flexibility

Ensure the wearing comfort and massage precision

Health Care Agate Massage Slippers



Virgin series

1.Do not soak slippers in hot water. Washable with water and please dry it at shady place.

2.Avoid walking with the slippers over 3 hours. Long wearable time is ok at home. Do not wear when feel strong pain.


Other series

1.Do not suitable for woman in period of menstruation and gestation.

2.People who have acute myocardial infarction and serious failure of heart, liver, spleen, kidney should use the slippers under the guidance of doctor.

3.Do not wear after meal and within half an hour before sleep, which could affect digestion and sleep.

4.Do not wear it last over 30 minutes.

5.Do not wear it in the bathroom.

6.Do not throw the slippers.

Protect your health from your feet


Conceptions of Traditional Chinese medicine


According to meridians theory of Chinese Medicine, which lasts over 2000 years, organs of body and medicine system are closely connected by feet which constructs the unity of feet and whole body. Among the 12 regular meridians in human body, 6 meridians spread to feet and another 6 meridians spread to hands. The 6 feet meridians connected with the 6 hands meridians and flows in the whole body. All these meridians strengthen the connection between feet and organs. Therefore, feet can reflect the functional change of body organs.


Health Care Agate Massage Slippers

Conceptions of modern medicine


Modern medicine thinks there are three supporting principles for foot massage:


1.Blood circulation theory. Foot is the end of body where easily accumulates hazardous substance like uric acid crystal in the blood. However the accumulated hazardous substance can be decomposed and discharged through sweat and urine by foot massage.


2.Reflection theory. ‘Foot is the second heart of human body’. Organs of human body closely correspond the acupoints under feet. Through reflecting area, foot massage make brain to conduct signals faster which can regulate physiological environment and improve body endocrine and blood circulation.


3.Holograph theory. Chinese medicine observe whole body through analyzing part of body. Foot is treated as a core which contains mass healthy information of body organs. That means foot massage equals to whole body massage.


The second heart


There are over 70 acupoints and 6 meridians in feet. Scientists think that thousands of peripheral nerve gathered at feet, which have close relation with brain, heart and other organs. That’s why people call feet ‘the second heart of human body’, from which we can realize the importance of keeping feet healthy. Foot massage, regular walking, stepping on cobblestone, foot bath, all of which can smooth blood circulation at feet, regulate body balance and keep you away from sickness.


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Health Care Agate Massage Slippers

Health Care Agate Massage Slippers

Treat your affections stand in your home or office by hanging stones Reflexology and reflexotherapy slippers. Details below:

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