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Complete set facial treatment with argan oil


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Set of treatment includes :
And Procedures Manual ( masters the secrets of beauty )
Cleansing Procedures (includes silver water )
Procedures argan oil treatment .
Massage , details below:

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It's oil that everybody will love you will use. It is a miracle of nature .
More and more international celebrities enjoy the miraculous effects obtained by treating surface skin with lotions and creams based on argon and olive oil . Known worldwide ambassador of these oils and treats the delay skin aging is beautiful actress Catherine Zeta Jones.

A product made of 100 % organic and very effective in cosmetics , is used in its natural state and acting in anti aging creams . Professional products including the composition of the Orient this elixir were really amazing properties : remake lipid , anti -aging , healing , slow the aging process.

Enjoy facials and Olive Oil Argan offered
Facial Benefits Argan oil complex

Argan oil , extracted from the fruit of the argan tree is rich in Omega 3 and Omega 6 , and vitamin E and antioxidants.
It is an effective remedy against aging process, with applications in all areas of cosmetics : skin, hair , nails
Protects skin from external aggressions
It nourishes and regenerates the skin in depth, for better elasticity
Combat aging , leaving skin brighter and well hydrated , because of its anti -wrinkle
It absorbs quickly and leaves no greasy marks on the skin
It is recommended to revitalize tired skin and to treat irritations . Can be used to treat acne scars caused by burns and prevent stretch marks during pregnancy
Argon oil is considered the gold Morocco astounding cell regeneration properties , smoothing wrinkles and skin elasticity playback
Ladies who keep their skin necessarily remain forever young, elastic and radiant can use with confidence using Argan oil .

Method of production : cold pressed from roasted beans , the resulting oil is deodorized and shows the characteristic odor

is used as a facial night , highly nutritious , or as a skin protectant sun at extreme temperatures ( low or high )
improves skin elasticity and reduces the signs of aging caused by sun , wind , stress and deshitratare
help repair hair , remove dandruff and restores hair shine and strength
nail care is recommended , broken nails will regenerate more quickly
Massage used in treating arthritis or muscle pain
highly effective against rheumatism
Argan oil is amazing effects on certain skin conditions (psoriasis , eczema )

Argan oil rejuvenates the skin and prevents wrinkles

Argan oil ceases to amaze us with their generosity . Beauty and its effects have proven effective for centuries. Elixir of precious virtues of argan oil provides relaxation and beauty to those who know how to use it intelligently . Argan oil is the richest vegetable oil to combat dehydration vitamin E. It is an antioxidant and helps prevent wrinkles.
Argan oil is produced from the argan tree ( Argania spinosa ) , a tree which grows only in the south -west Morocco, Essaouira , Agadir . Used by Berber tribes women for centuries for its many virtues , argan oil raises interest both for its beauty and for the diet .
Argan tree is a species threatened by deforestation . Following an overexploitation that put her in danger, argan forest was declared a biosphere reserve by UNESCO.
In 1999 , UNESCO recognized and classified the argan tree as part of world heritage.

Argan Oil

Consumed morning argan oil prevents obesity , having the effect of reducing hunger .
On the other hand , the ratio of polyunsaturated fatty acids and saturated fatty acids makes the Argan oil is recommended by nutritionists . This oil will practice a cholesterol-lowering action and antimutagenic protection .

Regular use , argan oil has other therapeutic virtues :
- A recently discovered compound Argan oil which has anti-cancer properties .
- It is used to reduce the risk of infacrt infarction and cardiovascular disorders .
- Is recommended in case of risk of atherosclerosis .
Argan Oil Hair Care

There is a better cure than Argan oil to restore vigor and health of hair and protect fragile hair dehydrating effect of the sun, sea water and chlorine in water.
Argan oil nourishes and revitalizes the scalp. The oil gives the hair shine making it soft and silky . This oil strengthens the hair , and is used as a remedy for dandruff or hair loss.

How to use argan oil in hair care

Apply argan oil hair and scalp. Pilea Gently massage the head and gently comb the hair to be repatizat argan oil evenly on all threads . Clip hair in a warm towel and let stand for 20 minutes. Wash the hair with normal shampoo and rinse .
Argan oil can be used as a styling oil .
Argan oil for skin care

Argan oil is an oil complete with its rare combination of a large high concentration of vitamin E, vitamin A precursors and unsaturated fatty acids . This oil is recommended for skin preparation before winter , when the skin is subjected to weathering.
It is used for nighttime skincare for all skin types because Argan oil regenerates skin during somnuluin and fight against aging skin . Being very rich in unsaturated fatty acids , and containing a large amount of linoleic acid , argan oil is a good correction of deficiencies of fatty acids in the skin, so important in delaying aging.
How to use Argan oil in skin care
Apply argan oil on the face and neck . Leave to act for 15 minutes. Wipe excess oil with a cotton swab soaked in rose water . This treatment will leave your skin smooth and hydrated .
Body massage with argan oil

Argan oil is the recommended massage particuler .
A full body massage with Argan Oil is an unforgettable experience .
This oil is an excellent anti -aging treatment .
It is suitable for all types of skin and is mainly suitable for aging and / or dry . Applied regularly to the skin , argan oil helps prevent stretch marks being applied to problem areas as such or mixed with other essential oils . This mitigates oil traces left by acne, chicken pox , cracks or burns.
How to use Argan oil to massage the body
- After cleaning the skin , rub it with oil until it enters the skin .
- Heat Argan oil palms to facilitate slipping on carp
- If you want to discreetly scented argan oil massage can add a few drops of rose water . Any substance you add argan oil will bring it and other properties.
Care mâinilo , feet and nails with argan oil

Hand and foot are damaged , dry , are broken from the cold water , detergent , etc. .
To strengthen anoint and make them less brittle is a better cure than argan oil .
How to use Argan oil for the care of hands and feet
For legs:
Massage your feet every morning and evening less argan oil to add the lemon juice .
Called and Gold of Morocco, argan oil is the rarest oil in the world : to get a quart of oil is required to produce about 6 trees Argania Spinosa . Pure oil does not contain any synthetic chemicals that may irritate sensitive skin . Due to its high content of unsaturated fatty acids , antioxidants and vitamin E, Argan oil is a good remedy , being more extensively used in cosmetics . Widely recognized as a true miracle anti -aging properties it has many other equally important in various cosmetic treatments . Powerful antioxidant and emollient , regenerating and restructuring , anti-inflammatory and healing, argan oil is quickly absorbed into the skin and leaves no traces . Also protects skin from free radicals, reduces swelling and relieves muscle pain . Argan oil has very good anti-wrinkle effect , but is also known for preventing aging skin. It is successfully used in the treatment of psoriasis and exemelor , acne scars and stretch marks , but it is also a very good remedy for damaged hair , brittle nails and sunburn .
Pure Argan oil can be used : applied directly to the skin as wrinkle for mature skin or problems , to strengthen brittle nails , applied to the hair nourishes , protects and revitalizes damaged hair provides shine and elasticity recommended for pregnant women to prevent stretch marks and elasticizarea skin. In preparation of creams and ointments , Argan oil has many uses: as an ingredient for reducing wrinkles and restoring lipid film is recommended at a concentration of 5-30 % , 20-50% concentration hair care for eczema , sores and that 30-90 % healing , prevent sagging skin in the breasts and abdominal areas .
Tip : For a smoother and glowing skin , put a few drops of argan oil in the bath water .
Cold-pressed from raw nuts , has the ingredients: 100 % Argan oil 100% of the total ingredients are from controlled organic crops - Greentime ECOCERT certified product .


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Complete set facial treatment with argan oil

Complete set facial treatment with argan oil

Set of treatment includes :
And Procedures Manual ( masters the secrets of beauty )
Cleansing Procedures (includes silver water )
Procedures argan oil treatment .
Massage , details below:

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