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Mobile Phone Sterilizer Disinfector,UV and Ozone


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Sterilize / disinfect based ultra violet rays and ozone for Phones & Hi Tech. Details below:

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Name: Mobile Phone Sterilizer 
Kill germs of phone 
UV &Ozone Sterilization;Voice function; Fragrance 
CE RoHS certification 

Name: Multifunctional Mobile Phone Sterilizer Disinfector,UV and Ozone Sterilizer,

  With Voice Function

echnical Parameters:


Accessories & Name


External size


Inside size



305g(except accessories)

Input voltage


Ultraviolet tube size


Tube output power


Ultraviolet wavelength



Ozone power

Less than 2w

The principle of incense diffuser

Thermal evaporation of essential oils send forth fragrance


Main functions:

  1. Ultraviolet sterilization, two uv tubes sterilize the surface of phones;
  2. Ozone sterilization, sterilize key button and earphone hole etc of phones;
  3. With Voice function, reminds you the sterilizer's working status;
  4. Incense function, make the phone full of fragrance.


Eight Characters:


  1. Disinfection quickly: within six minutes
  2. Disinfection completely: more than 99.9% bacteria are eliminated
  3. Disinfection widely: by the ways of ultraviolet and ozone
  4. Universal application: Suitable for various types and sizes of phones, and digital products jewellery accessories, etc
  5. Convenient to use: the product is compact and lightweight, portable use at home, in the office and out for travel.
  6. Security: 5v power supply, enhance product safety
  7. Multifunction: incense box inserted in the sterilizer, add phone flavor while sanitize the phone; 
  8. Available for the car: With a 5v usb output car charger connector, the phone sterilizer can be put in the car, sterilizer and incense.


How to use:

  1. Connect phone sterilizer with power supply by usb line and charger;
  2. Put phone (other product) into the slot, close the lid tightly;
  3. Turn on ON/OFF button, the power light will work;
  4. If phone sterilization, please turn on sterilization button also, working light will work, also ultraviolet tube and ozone window. After six minutes, sterilization will end work automatically, also working light, ultraviolet tube and ozone window;
  5. If you want to know the status, please turn on the "voice control" button, it will reminds you "sterilization begins""sterilization is over"etc;
  6. In order to make the phone full of fragrance, please turn on incense button, 5-10minutus is ok.

Application range: all phone users, especially the old, pregnant women, young mothers and people who take care of infants.





(1)   Usage time: six minutes;


(2)   Usage state: please close the lid when using.


(3)   Usage environment: indoor normal temperature clean place


(4)   Advice: When scented oil is exhausted, please purchase non-corrosive non-irritating, volatile liquid fragrance in regular shops.


(5)   Attention: The product is also suitable in the car, for car incense and phone sterilization

(6)  It’s better to use exclusively as multifunctional it is, to increase service life.



Supplied Accessories: (1) Main body (2) Charger (3) USB line (4) Instruction Manual (warranty card) (5) Scented solids (6) Incense sponge (7) Clean cloth


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Mobile Phone Sterilizer Disinfector,UV and Ozone

Mobile Phone Sterilizer Disinfector,UV and Ozone

Sterilize / disinfect based ultra violet rays and ozone for Phones & Hi Tech. Details below:

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