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Digital Microscope for medical / technical


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Microscope 700X waterproof, with manual adjustment, used in medicine, dentistry/stomatology, electronics, etc.. Details below:

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700X Waterproof manual setting digital microscope
The first paragraph of domestic waterproof manual zoom digital microscope, waterproof and dustproof, from far coke - nearly coke - 50 times ~ 700 times to continuous countless clear point magnification adjustable. 640 * 480/30 frame, small portable, front end diameter 10 * 121 mm, the soft line 1.5 meters, plug and play, a camera computer save.
Application: auto repair test, pipeline engineering detection, industrial quality detection (PCB SMT inspection), beauty salon medical examination (hair, skin, glasses, teeth, reproductive organs and analysis), jewelry analysis appraisal (gem, the antiquities, oil painting, COINS, stamps), the school education experimental application (dynamic, plant specimens anatomical), mold, printing textile material inspection, the old man amblyope reading amplification tools, application field is very wide.
Technical specifications and main advantages:
1.Continuous countless clear point optical focus: far coke - nearly coke - 50 x - 200 x - 300 x... - 700 x magnification front waterproof IP67 level, diameter for 10 mm/for 7 mm.
2.Length: 121.7 mm, 4 star or 6 star LED lamp, CMOS camera
3.Resolution: 640 x 480.30 frame/s, USB2.0 plug and play 
Our product has three advantages:
  1. And easy to carry, instrument diameter only 10 mm, the surface has adjustable LED lamp
  2. Waterproof, even if there are water also can work normally
3. Not only can realize the traditional nearly coke, also can adjust far coke. Near the largest coke can be enlarged to 700 times, can take pictures, video.
The digital microscope in animal and plant inspection application:
Due to the ordinary microscope eye long time observation will be very tired, is frequently misdiagnosed, more can't contrast variation of the virus. In order to better in animal epidemic disease inspection, jilin province animal and plant epidemic prevention center decision from the rambo king industrial bought 100 sets of king rambo 700 times waterproof digital microscope, such not only can the experimental data in the form of pictures and video preservation, convenient comparison, still can directly observe on a computer, avoid the human eye fatigue, and at the same time, the king of rambo digital microscope can also waterproof and dustproof, convenient to carry, and don't need to be in plants and animals on section, can directly contact is to observe things, intuitive convenient observation.


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Digital Microscope for medical / technical

Digital Microscope for medical / technical

Microscope 700X waterproof, with manual adjustment, used in medicine, dentistry/stomatology, electronics, etc.. Details below:

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