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Ionic detoxification foot spa


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Detoxify the entire body through the legs by using the ion generator, component bathtub. Details below:

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Looseness naturally without dieting!

Keep your body healthy naturally!

Keep your beauty and suppleness of the skin without additional effort!

For decades researchers have managed to show that negative ions in combination with water, applied to the feet, detoxifies the entire body.

Recent research of Dr. Russian Metchnikoff, Nobel Laureate for Medicine, demonstrates that a body detoxified in the legs, remove poisons from the body but at the same time maintain an optimal balance to the entire body, helping to weakening healthy body regeneration skin and in various diseases such as colds, flu, infections, senility, psychological illnesses, etc.

With this method of detoxification can be subtracted weight between 3 and 25 kg, depending on the level of toxins eliminated from the body.

After docorului Russian studies Metchnidoff, for an adult, the body of toxins accumulated over the years can be eliminated by this method of detoxification, thus UMAT:

intestine- to 1kg

liver and gallbladder - up to 0.5 kg

arteries and veins - up to 0.3 kg

How does Detox SPA?

Ionized water acts as a powerful purgative at the feet, the body eliminates toxins through much of the feet due to natural mechanism that is endowed human body eliminate toxins through the feet.

Ionized water and energized powerful acts at the cellular level, stimulating cells in the soles and stimulating them throughout the body to eliminate toxins from the body. Significant improvement in health and beauty plielii body, feeling the 3rd or 4th session.

SPA Detox therapy effects:

- Liver Detoxification

- The elimination of heavy metals from the body

- Increases the body's internal energy

- Lowers stress-buster; reducing overall stress-buster and inducing a state of comfort

- Significant improvement of sexual function and sexual health

- Imunatateste significant storage capacity and quality of sleep

- Increasing the overall body imunitatatii.

How have made cure and how long?

Depending on the toxicity of the body, the treatment period may vary between 30 days and 90 days. Cura is done once a day for 30 minutes.

Technical data:

Dimensions (cm): 53 (W) x 45 (L) x 31 (H)
Net Weight: 4.5 Kg

Weight: 5.5Kg
Approves / certificates: CE (LVD, EMC), RoHS, UL
Power supply: AC100-240V adapter 12V 3.3A
Power consumption: 36W

Warranty 1 year


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Ionic detoxification foot spa

Ionic detoxification foot spa

Detoxify the entire body through the legs by using the ion generator, component bathtub. Details below:

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