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Swedish Bitter with Propolis and Marigold 100ml


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Recommended and successfully used in top clinics, for  beauty, health and immunity. Details below:

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Swedish Bitter site with propolis and marigold is a water-alcohol solution composed of 33 herbs, cold soak, plus raw propolis extract.

Commonly used in the most famous clinics in the field of beauty, has the capacity to hold and maintain the beauty of the face (of the skin), health and energy level.

This herbal remedy known as bitter bitter Swedish treats hundreds of years various diseases, prolonging life and maintaining beauty to venerable ages.

Since always, people looked for an ideal remedy, elixir of life, eternal youth and beauty ideal. Swedish bitter liqueur called miraculous is very close to this dream. Over time, it turned out that many of the composition of healing bitter herbs have beneficial effects on health and thus cure gained a deserved celebrity. Not only is a factor to longevity, and beauty, but bitter treats many diseases, so many that rightfully can be called universal medicine.
A cure with millennial history.
It seems that this tincture was discovered by the legendary medieval alchemist scholar Theophrastus von Hohenheim Bombastus, said Paracelsus, who wanted to create an elixir of youth plants to prolong, maintain beauty and keep away diseases. The nectar's had great success, then was forgotten for centuries. But the recipe was handed down from father to son in a family of doctors Swedes named Samst. All have lived over 95 years. Klaus Samst, rector of the faculty of medicine in Uppsala, which is due recirculation of Swedish bitter, arrived, for example, at the venerable age of 104, when he died of a toss. Two decades ago, traditional medicine known popularizatoare Maria Treben, reminded the Swedish bitters. They have all sorts of versions of liquor magic, thus restoring the reputation of bitter highly effective cure.

To regain the beauty and radiance of the skin, including reducing wrinkles, we recommend you read instrunctiuile guide provided with the product.

For various internal diseases, read the list below:

It is usually administered 1-2 tablespoons of the preparation, before meals, diluted in water or tea.

Indigestion, bloating, biliary dyskinesia
Chronic Liver Disease
Anorexia, anorexia mental
Skin diseases
Menstrual disorders (irregular periods, painful, abundant)
Cystitis, kidney infections
Intestinal worms
Influenza (flu) flu
Morning nausea, migraines
Rheumatism, gout
Heart disease associated with high cholesterol
Diseases of the pancreas, adjuvant in diabetes
Adjuvant in cancerous disease
Rani, persistent scars
Light and medium Burns
Dislocations, sprains
Insect bites
Contents: 100 ml

Comes with how to use.


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Swedish Bitter with Propolis and Marigold 100ml

Swedish Bitter with Propolis and Marigold 100ml

Recommended and successfully used in top clinics, for  beauty, health and immunity. Details below:

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