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Magnetic Therapy Pad for 1 person


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Mattress for one person, with field magnetic therapy pulse. Cure and relieve various ailments. Details below:

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An ancuent form of natural heat energy. 
FarInfrared heats deep down below the skin´ssurface, causing increased blood circularion andrelease of loxins. 
It bas been used successfully fordecades all over the world ; 
Treatment with Far Infraredmay help relleve pain and soreness, 
boost the Immune system. increase cardiovascnlar strength, burn fat, andkeep FTT.

Magnetic therapy is a natural treatment and easily tolerated by the body. This therapy is based on direct drive on the tissues of a pulsed magnetic field (CMP). It is known that the CMP works in cells, activating the production of enzymes, metabolic transfer and having an important role in the functioning of the cell membrane.
Magnet therapy involves inserting certain parts of the body (depending on condition) in a magnetic field to accelerate the reduction of pain, inflammation and other disorders of the locomotor system.

There are three physical mechanisms by which the magnetic field interferes with the body:

1 magnetic induction
2 Effects magnetomecanics 
3 electronic interactions

The magnetic field has the following actions on the body:

1 Vasodilatation 
2 analgesic
3 anti-inflammatory action
4 spasmolytic (suppressing spasmodic condition)
5 accelerates wound healing and body healing

1.To incorporate MIRACLE Far Infrared heat panels!
2.To PROVE Far Infrared emissivity at 95% from 4-20 microns!
3.To offer flexible timer control from 5 minutes to 12 hours!
4.To emit Far Infrared from its ENTIRE surface area!
5.To use comfortable AND sanitary, breathable AND waterproof material!
6.To be designed for the discerning customer of the future! 

Core Technology
Golden far infrared heat panels are the most efficient forms of beneficial heat on the market. 
Utilizing the healthy electromagnetic wavelengths that are produced naturally by organic carbon, 
our heat panels have the ability to produce only SAFE and HEALTHY Far Infrared waves.
In 2004, our new infrared heat panel technology was presented to a testing facility in Japan for evaluation. 
Testing was done by the Far Infrared Applied Association in Osaka,
Japan and shows our heat panel's wavelength between 4 to 20 microns, widely recognized to be the ideal wavelength for beneficial heat therapy. 
Emission is over 95%, making them the strongest on the market.
Set the time in minutes or hours from 5 min to 12 hours.
Use it for a short sauna session or for a warm night's sleep.
Dimensions: 180*80*1.2 cm,  Weight: 3kgs


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Magnetic Therapy Pad for 1 person

Magnetic Therapy Pad for 1 person

Mattress for one person, with field magnetic therapy pulse. Cure and relieve various ailments. Details below:

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