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Teramagon 7


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Pulsed magnetotherapy mattress

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Mattress specially designed for magnetic therapy , reduce or eliminate chronic pain semnificatif existing for years . To learn more about magnetic therapy, click here:
Magnetic therapy is the most simple, inexpensive and painless therapy known . Magnetic effects on the human body is beneficial , which are intended to ward off pain and sometimes penetrate tissues to relieve and even heal various ailments. But not every magnet has curative qualities and not any magnets near heal. Therefore , we need to know how the magnet should be used as a remedy . Recent studies show that magnet therapy is beneficial for health maintenance method if used properly, and can be harmful otherwise . Therefore , if you decide to apply magnet therapy , not enough to buy products that are advertised by teleshopping . Here is what should you know about magnets and their beneficial effects on the body.
Legend of Magnes
    A pastor , called Magnes , was driving his flock on Mount Ida . Being soled sandals iron , found that it can not , only with difficulty , to peel off your feet and the ground. He shared the grief of friends who lived in the community . After they sobered , mineral baptized and " stone of Magnes " (magnet ) .
An ancient therapy
    Many ancient cultures knew the magical power of the magnet , which is worn as amulets , which was known to remove pain . in the Vedas, the sacred writings of the Indians , is described using magnets to stop the bleeding and treat certain problems of the female body . in the sixteenth century alchemist and physician Paracelsus noted that magnets can cure most diseases and inflammation and ulceration of the bowel and uterus and it is useful both in internal medicine , as well as external . In the eighteenth century , Dr. Samuel Hahnemann , father of homeopathy , says : " A magnetic wand can quickly and permanently cure a severe , if brought near the body ." Sleeping head north obey the beneficial effects of terrestrial magnetism .


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Teramagon 7

Teramagon 7

Pulsed magnetotherapy mattress

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