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Please carefully read the WARRANTY and RETURN Conditions

All products sold and delivered by benefit from warranty conditions according to the commercial policies of the producers and ANPC.

Devices / devices work exactly as they are described on the site and presented in video and / or photo images on some of the products. The other products are available in Romanian and English.

Guaranteed as any other medium and long-term appliances for a minimum of 1 year, these devices can be returned at any time to repair the defects within the warranty period. The period of time fixed to repair the repair is no more than 15 calendar days from the date of receipt of the product in service.

To qualify for the guarantee, the buyer has the following obligations:

Observe the conditions listed in the user manual (very important!) And use the product in accordance with the instructions for use;

Keep the product in good condition;

It is forbidden to interfere with the product of unauthorized persons.

We reserve the right to refuse to accept return in the event of abuses (repeated returns).

Failure to comply with the above obligations results in the loss of the warranty.

-The product warranty also occurs if the device is connected to any device used for service activities other than those strictly provided by the manufacturer;

-The device is connected to any software analysis or evaluation device, computer, service devices, or forensic degree devices using the USB port;

- it is intended to extract applications, firmware or system files;

-the security seals of the product are destroyed or damaged;

-The volatile security filters are activated.

It is not the subject of the non-conformity guarantee deriving from:

The use of the appliance / device in applications requiring performance and quality other than those provided by the class and purpose for which the product is intended or outside the relevant technical specifications;

Normal wear and tear of the product (eg physical, mechanical and electrical wear);

Use of the product in inappropriate conditions (eg inadequate power supply, non-existent or wrong grounding, shocks, vibrations, blows or other forms of physical abuse, use of accessories other than those specified by the manufacturer in the technical specifications, use of the product in environmental conditions Inappropriate - chemical, noxious, smoke, dust or moisture actions, weather damage caused by the product);

Misuse or installation (eg incorrect installation of batteries or accumulators, use of other sources of power supplies or accessories than those supplied or indicated by the manufacturer);

Wrong program or program settings, viruses, malfunctions or malfunctions of the operating system, configuration files, or installed programs; Using other drivers or programs than original ones that accompany the product Any software or hardware incompatibilities that may arise when using your phone along with other products; can not be held responsible for the total or partial non-functioning of software programs created by third parties (programs incompatible totally or partially with the device / device sold);

Thermal, mechanical and plastic damage to the product due to fire, accidents, vibrations, weathering, negligence in use, or any other factors not related to product quality or manufacturer.

The products have electronic and mechanical subassemblies that require strict adherence to the handling, transport, storage, operation, connection, maintenance and repair conditions provided in the Owner's Manual.

For products that do not comply with the warranty conditions or which are out of warranty period, the average service life of the product may be provided for service by the authorized service of the manufacturer or agreed by the manufacturer.

The consumer is guaranteed that throughout the warranty period, under normal and specified conditions of use of the product, in the event of noncompliance occurring, they will be removed first of all by repairing or, as the case may be, replacing the product.

What do I do when I need service?

If you need service assistance, contact us through the contact form on this site or on the phones displayed on the site. Please have your sold product invoice and / or warranty certificate. As well as a brief description of the issue or topic of interest when you contact us for service assistance.

If the product is out of the warranty period, contact us for an extra charge.

Disclaimer: is not responsible and does not assume any liability for any losses or damages resulting from the download and use of other software available on other sites, besides or the official website of the manufacturer of the respective device. We do not offer any guarantee as to the accuracy, security or usefulness of using services other than those provided by the manufacturer's authorized service. is not responsible for the availability of information on other external sites and does not support their content.